Deadly Terms Used By Women

Fine ….

this is used to end and argument when she knows she is right and she just needs you to shut up. Sex will most probably be off the table.

Nothing ….

this means there is something definitely up; you should be worried. She’s probably remembering something stupid you did to her. Sex will most probably be off the table.

Go ahead …..

this by no means means she’s okay with it. Its more of a dare, don’t do it. There will be a price to pay and she will definitely collect, usually when you least expect it.

Whatever ….

this simply means screw you, I’m done wasting my breathe.

That’s okay….

this is a more subtle “go ahead”. She’s thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistake. This one although more subtle, its more dangerous because often times by the time you realise you are paying for a mistake its too late and you have already paid in full plus interest.

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