Amazing African Families #1

Meet the Seyi-Onabule’s

There’s Seyi (the dad, Ogun), Emma (the mum, Edo), Oyin (the eldest), Imisi (the middle child) and Timi (the youngest). 

Why are we amazing?

We always find a way to enjoy ourselves wherever we are. We laugh a lot, although most times it’s the kids and one of us laughing at something the other one did. For example we were talking about dabbing (the dance move) and Seyi dabbed the wrong way and Oyin fell on floor and shouted “daddy dabbed I’m scarred, I need therapy” and we all burst out laughing. We spent the rest of the evening showing him how to do it probably and now he’s a pro. We tend to have many of those belly-laugh moments.

A bit of history…..

We have been a couple for 16years and been married for 13. We have had our ups and downs and are grateful for both because without the downs we wouldn’t have learnt to appreciate the ups. 

The first 7years of our marriage was pretty tough. We used to have these colossal arguments, the only way to describe them is to ask you to imagine a tornado and a hurricane meeting and then adding a tsunami. We had so many problems that we nearly got divorced, twice.  

It would be easy to blame external influences including the in-laws and finances, but in truth, those were just the symptoms. The real issue was that we didn’t really understand our roles in the marriage and in each others lives, we didn’t value each other and sometimes ourselves as we should have done. This led to, as they say in the U.K., by some people taking ‘the piss’ (not naming anyone) and financial. 

We finally  got to breaking point where we were left with two choices, get busy fixing or get busy splitting. We chose the former and cut out all the weeds in our lives with no apology. Now we have our priorities straight, we have a vision for our family and most importantly we are singing from the same hymn sheet. 

Family traditions

Every two weeks we have a movie night. The kids lay their mattresses on the living room floor, we get popcorn and create a cinema effect by turning off the lights. We take turns (by age) picking a movie so the first week Seyi will pick, then me and so on. The rules are no one is allowed to complain about someone’s choice and you have to watch each movie enthusiastically. 

Our other family tradition is that we have a weekly retrospective meeting every Saturday morning after bible study, where we talk about our week and any issues are aired. 


Live your life moment by moment enjoying it. Buy that shoe, eat the cake(in moderation), go on that trip, tell that person how you really feel and just live your life to the full.


Are you African? Do you think your family is amazing? Do you know an amazing African family? Do you have an unconventional family? Do you have a conventional family? We are on a mission to celebrate families, made up of real everyday people, living in the real world  without massive Instagram or Facebook followers (although it’s cool if you do). Holla at us via email



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