Bridal beauty timeline

So the date is set, preparations are on the way and now you need to work on making sure you look your absolute best of the day. Here are some beauty tips for you.

12 months before

Pick an exercise program.

If you’re slightly out of shape, i.e you do exercise occasionally but not as often as you know you should, then try Shaun T’s hip up abs or T25.

If you’re more than slightly out of shape, i.e you don’t exercise at all and your belly is person all on its own and tends to seat on your lap each time you seat or lies down next to you when you lie down, then go for insanity. It’s a 2 month intense program and is absolutely insane but totally worth it. After completing the 2 months, maintain with T25.

It is important for you to get into shape, not just to look great on your wedding day but also for your health. Excess weight increases your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. So make regular exercise a lifestyle.

6 months before

Start a skin diet. You know what makes you breakout, mine is fizzy drinks, chocolate and biscuits, so avoid these foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, at least 2L daily. Its also a good idea to drink a glass or two of warm water first thing in the morning, it cleans you out.

2-3 months before

Give yourself regular facials, detoxifying, exfoliating and moisturising.

1-2 months before

Do a hair and makeup trial run and take pictures of yourself to get an idea of how you would look.

5 days – 1 week before

  • Tend the garden and get a wax. If you haven’t done this before, let me warn you, its freaking painful but totally worth it. It is always a good idea to find out what your man likes. Does he like the garden completely clear, in which case you should go for the Hollywood, which takes off all the hair. Or does he not mind a few plants, in which case you should go for the Brazilian which takes off all the hair save for a little strip in the middle. Some women have been known to actually dye the strip (very kinky). Don’t wax too early because hair tends to grow faster in warm weather but don’t leave it too late either because you need at least 2 days for it completely settle and stop feeling the slight burning sensation.
  • Shape your eyebrows.

3 days before

Fresh manicure and pedicure

1 day before

  • Go to bed early enough
  • Keep hydrated

Wedding day

Walk down the aisle, say I do and live happily ever after.

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