Understanding Your Skin Type .

To be able to properly take care of your skin you need to  first find know what type of skin you have so you can choose the right products to compliment your skin tone. Your skin type will change at different points in your life so you may need to make some changes to your routine at some points. Also stress and hormonal changes can also affect your skin so you may need different skin products at different stages of your cycle and seasons of the year.

To determine your skin type follow the steps below:

  • First wash your face and gently pat dry.
  • Leave face for a few hours without putting anything on including a moisturiser.
  • Using a blotting paper dab on one area on your face at a time
  • You should see on the paper the areas that leave an oily residue if any. The nose and forehead are naturally oily.
Skin Type Right Cleanser The Right base
Normal Skin i.e. neither oily nor dry, very few discolorations or variances in tones, blemish free and appears smooth and clear with barely visible pores. Try a natural cucumber toner. Use gels, liquids, lotions, creams or serums.
Oily skin i.e. shiny appearance, enlarged pores and prone to acne and blackheads Try and astringent citrus-based cleanser Use gels and liquids
Dry skin i.e. flaky and dry with a tight appearance and small pores, looks dull and wrinkle and lines develop more easily. Try a skin soothing chamomile cleanser or micellar water. (http://junesecrets.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/the-old-new-way-to-cleanse-your-face.html) Use lotions and creams
Sensitive skin i.e. blotchy patches, prone to rashes and irritation and may feel itchy or burning. Try a soothing green tea extract cleanser. Use liquids, lotions and serums
Combination skin i.e. areas around the chin, forehead and nose may be oily and around the eyes, hair and jawline dry, prone to black heads with large pores. Try a skin softening product with rosemary extract. Use liquids, lotions and serums.

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