Vitamin & Minerals… What Does What???

Vitamin A

To maintain eye, teeth, hair and skin health

Vitamin B

To maintain optimum immune function, help the absorption of iron and for energy production

Vitamin C

To maintain strength of blood vessels, skin elasticity, aid iron absorption and remove harmful free radicals.

Vitamin D

To aid in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and teeth by helping calcium absorption. It also helps maintain heart action and nervous system

Vitamin E

To protect the body from free radicals and improve blood circulation

Vitamin K

To maintain optimum blood clotting functions.

Folic acid

To help in cell renewal and prevent birth defects in pregnancy


To maintain strong and healthy teeth, muscle tissue and bones. It also helps regulate heartbeat, muscle action and nerve function.


To maintain healthy blood and increase resistance to stress and disease.


To aid development of the reproductive system. It also aids healing, digestion and metabolism.


To maintain optimum glucose metabolism and maintain energy levels.


For protection from free radicals.


To stimulate bone formation and maintain dental health and in some cases even reverse some dental problems.


To activate vitamins B and D, relax muscles, regulate calcium levels and aid in blood clotting.


To maintain optimum metabolism

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